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Magic involves creativity, skill & performance to entertain, educate and inspire.

Who am I

Magic is an art form which transforms the impossible into reality and evokes emotions beyond description.

It is fair to say that Magic Performances has become an increasing popular form of entertainment around the world. Look at all the different types of "Got Talent" Shows, Penn & Teller Fool Us etc

So, why not let the Best, entertain your guest?

Be it your Private Parties, Company Functions, Annual Dinners, Corporate Roadshows, Luxury Cruise Lines, or even the Royal Families, Jeremy has done it all and promises to leave you and your guests an unforgettable Magical Experience.

Watch the video and experience it yourself!

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The noblest art is that of making others happy.

BOOK a Show

Speak with us to customize a show for your needs.

Jeremy promises to deliver an unforgettable Magical Experience.


by Jeremy Tan

Celebrating Jeremy's 20th Anniversary in Magic performances around the world. This exquisite deck of cards is now available world wide! Limited to 1000 decks only. ​ Buy NOW and learn 100 FREE Magic Tricks! ​



Apprentice Line

Apprentice Magic Tricks are a high-quality line of 20+ time tested effects (including "nickels to dimes, ball vase and more) but with a whole new spin on the story for the beginning magician. Each effect comes with detailed online instructions and a story... so you will astound your friends and family with your special powers.

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